What is Marma?

What is Marma?

Marma Therapy is a process to release suppressed energy that has locked into the soft tissue of the body that block the flow of subtle energetic forces that keep us functioning.

How can Marma therapy help me?

When the subtle energy blockages, or suppressions, are released and it’s flowing correctly in the body you will see and feel a profound change, physically, emotionally, and energetically. Many illnesses occur due to these blockages in the body. In the way that Acupuncture balances the energetic body and makes you feel better, the same thing happens with Marma. The system is brought back into homeostasis and the life force can flow freely.

What can I get out of this training?

In this training you will learn to release pressure from 108 major Marma points taken from the tens of thousands of points that map your body.

Who is this training appropriate for?

This training is appropriate for everyone. Anyone can learn this and benefit from it.

Can I help others with this Marma training?

It’s important to first discover the points in yourself. The points are delicate and sensitive, and the best place to learn them is on yourself. The level 2 training will teach you how to work with others. Marma 1 is a prerequisite for Marma 2.


Teachers-Alan-Finger-300x300 Yogiraj Alan Finger will be teaching along side Kara Sekuler & Mark Waterman in our Marma Therapy Level 1: Self Marma training – January 14th-15th, 2017.

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