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Marma Therapy

ISHTA’s signature Marma Therapy is a method of clearing stress from the muscles, soft tissues, fascia, and vital points of the body. When marma points are under pressure, the body, mind, and nervous system don’t function efficiently, and a host of illnesses and disorders can manifest. Marma Therapy opens up strangled marma points, allowing the intelligence of the different bodily systems to regain their homeostasis. Respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, and endocrine systems resume a state of harmony. Marma therapy also restores one’s perspective on life to a point of clarity, insight, and inspiration.

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Alan Finger
Alan practices the deeper form of healing Marma, known as Marma Adi. Alan also incorporates Pranic Healing into his sessions. The pranic healing technique involves the transferring and moving of heat along various channels of the subtle body, and sometimes a healing mantra. Pranic healing puts the brain into Samadhi rhythm (delta waves like those we experience in deep sleep) so that a person’s life force can begin to flow properly, and so that their imbalances can heal.
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Richard Baronio - SQUARERichard Baronio
Richard Baronio has been practicing yoga since 2001, and has taken the 500-Hour teacher training at ISHTA.  His approach to body work combines his Marma Therapy training with Alan Finger and myofascial release approaches used by Glenn Black, Shmuel Tatz, Ida Rolf, and  Lisa Howell. He specializes in working with yoga practitioners, helping them to relieve chronic restrictions and extend their range of motion.
$150 (60 min.)

20161005_122820Sheila Miller
Sheila is an ISHTA Senior Teacher with a lifelong interest in the unity of mind, body, breath, and spirit. She has been practicing meditation and yoga for over twenty years and teaching formally for seven. She first trained in Marma with Alan Finger, Kristen Leal, and Kara Sekuler in 2012, and since then has been practicing and continuing her study with Alan and since 2015 has been one of his regular assistants. Clients have described her as “blessed with keen intuition and a powerful, healing, gentle touch” and “precise, sensitive, and knowledgeable.” She has helped clients heal from injury, grief, stress and other forms of diminishment to emerge healthy and connected to their own vital energy.
$150 (60 min.)

Manjula Paul
Manjula Paul is a Senior Ayurveda Practitioner from Kerala, India, the home land of Ayurveda. Her family has practiced Ayurveda for three generations, and they were royal Vaidyas (doctors) for the royal family of South India. Mrs. Paul studied Ayurvedic medicine for 8 1/2 years, and holds degrees BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) from the prestigious University of Kerala, India. Mrs. Paul practices Ayurveda, including Marma Point therapy, and teaches Yoga in Mamaroneck, NY, and Manhattan.
$160 (60 min.), $245 (90 min.)

Mark Waterman
A licensed massage therapist for over a decade, Mark has worked for the US Tennis Association, massaging players at the US Open, and in several spas and health clubs throughout New York City. Mark completed the 500-Hour Teacher Training program at ISHTA and approaches his work on yogis using the knowledge he gained from his teacher training and studies with Alan Finger, with whom he has worked exclusively to learn ISHTA Marma therapy.
$150 (60 min.), $225 (90 min.)

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