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Recommended Products

Young Living Essential Oils:
Therapeutic grade essential oils offer natural safe solutions to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. They are easy to use and have fast acting results and have a long historic tradition of use. Science is now beginning to look at the chemistry of essential oils and discover they have hidden depths for bringing health and vitality back into the body. Essential oils are known for their antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial and immune stimulating properties. They are being studied extensively for their impact on cancer, depression, and hormones to name a few. Essential oils give you the power to take your own health and wellness back into your own hands.

Raising your vibrational frequency, uplifting your spirits, relieving pain, boosting your immune system or cleansing your body are some of the benefits from regular use of essential oils

ISHTA is pleased to introduce you to Young Living Essential Oils. They are the highest quality of essential oils available on the market today and are used by many of the teachers and students to enrich their lives; naturally.

Jade yoga mats:
These yoga mats have great traction and provide enough cushion for your joints. All Jade mats are made sustainably in the U.S. from natural rubber, so they’re eco-friendly, too!

Coobie bras:
Detachable straps make these bras versatile with different tops and they come in all finds of colors.  One size fits many!

Outerwear by Beyond Yoga and Alo:
Take your yoga wear outside during the winter season. Fashionable and comfortable.

Lakshmi oils:
Fragrant roll-on oils to help bring out your “goddess” energy.

PRITI blankets:
An heirloom quality handwoven, 100% cotton blanket. Supple and soft, its design makes it perfect for yoga, as well as displayed front and center on your couch or as a baby blanket.

– Handwoven, 100% unbleached cotton
– Proportionately sized for your yoga, meditation and lounging
– Embroidered, color-coded folding lines to assist in the art of folding techniques (see “Art of Folding” section)
– Thicker and weightier than the basic white Pune style blanket and sized a bit wider to accommodate men’s broader shoulders
– Reinforced detailed blanket stitches on sides
– Short and simple fringes that don’t get in the way
– Embroidered PRITI leaf and sewn cotton label
– Dyed using Azo-free dyes (Dyes that do not split off aromatic amines some of which have  proven to be carcinogenic)
– Modular mix and match colors that coordinate with all PRITI products