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ISHTA Yoga Downtown
56 East 11th Street
(between University & Broadway)
New York, NY 10003
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ISHTA Yoga at Halevy Life
212 E 57th Street
(between 2nd and 3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10022
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Self-Love = Big Love


Our emotional selves embody Kapha dosha with feelings of compassion, patience and deep love. In our functional anatomy kapha dosha gives us strength in our muscles, power in our bones and juice in our organs, skin and joint systems. Kapha dosha is the cohesion in our lives that connects us to our bodies, ourselves and to one another. It gives us a sense of familiarity and trust, which allows for smooth living and consistency and when times get tough kapha dosha is there to generate fortitude to withstand difficult circumstances, conditions and challenges. These qualities can be especially beneficial in a 2+ ft snowstorm or an NYC commute!


What does restorative yoga mean to you?

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Gina Menza and Mona Anand will lead a Level 1 Restorative Teacher Training from January 29-31 at ISHTA. Here, they individually reflect on the question, “What does restorative yoga mean to you?”


The Cosmic Energies of 2016: The Yearly Forecast

Beach sunrise

The New Year begins with a karmic twist, as the nodes of the Moon, known as Rahu and Ketu, enter the rashis (zodiac signs) Leo and Aquarius respectively on January 8th. It’s time to leave behind the domains of Virgo— health, healing and disease and of Pisces— idealism, escapism and foreign affairs.


ISHTA Classes at Halevy Life Starting January 4th!


It is with immense joy that we announce that we have found a gorgeous new home for our Uptown ISHTA community, just 4 blocks away from our 3rd avenue location. Starting Monday, January 4th, 2016, we will be offering some of our most popular classes at the luxurious members-only private health club, Halevy Life, located on 57th street between 2nd and 3rd avenue. We’ll be offering a modified schedule to start, with some of your favorite Uptown teachers.


Graceful Aging with ISHTA Yin

Evelyn Abruzzo

Graceful aging – I love those two words. Those two little words peel away all of the negative stereotypes attached to getting older and elevate the passing of years to an art form — an art form that can be practiced by anyone. Essentially those two words imply: You are never too young to practice Grace; you are never too old to practice Grace.


Changing Our Lives for the Better


Energy Healing has changed my life in a profound way, shifting me from being a once isolated and somewhat depressed individual to being a delightfully happy father, husband, successful author and teacher offering workshops at some of the worlds premier spiritual retreat centers. This change did not happen overnight, but did happen radically and in ways that are measurable.


Introducing Polarity Therapy

Wendy Newton

Being married to a fellow yogi has its perks. ISHTA Yoga teacher Peter Ferko and I generally spend a part of every morning reading and hashing through yoga texts over tea. This morning, I decided to instead ask Peter to “interview” me about Polarity as a way of preparing for my upcoming workshop on December 6th at ISHTA. I share the results with you here in the hopes of intriguing you to join me for an afternoon that will expand your notions of how to work with energy and enhance your work with students, clients, and all your relations.


How to Get Real Perspective with Alan Finger

Sarah Platt-Finger

ISHTA Yoga is the Integrated SCIENCE of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda. The scientific theories and foundations that have now been discovered in the fields of neuroscience, DNA, quantum physics, and evolution hold deep resonance with the ancient practices kept alive today, and practiced daily ISHTA Yoga NYC. More than being a tradition and lineage that brings balance and healing to the individual’s body, mind and spirit, the ISHTA techniques have cross-over with cutting edge scientific discoveries, and as Kaivalia Yogiraj Alan Finger shares, this is in not a coincidence. Modern science is just catching up to what the ancient yogis knew and practiced.


Gratitude Abounds


Collectively, we are the heart of ISHTA Yoga. The community of our students, teachers, and staff inspires us and keeps us going, even with the news that we’ll need to close our uptown studio at the end of the year due to an insurmountable rent increase. It will be a change in our scenery, but not a change in our family. If this shift means that you’ll be less able to receive ISHTA teachings in person, we’ve added some online class offerings through Yoga U to help you tune into your spirit.


The Yoga of Personal Finance: Deepen Your Relationship with Money and Your Spirit


Recently I was gifted the art included below. Looking at it immediately made me feel my connection to Spirit and that innate divinity that is within and always surrounds us. It reminded me of what John Randolph Price said, “Since the beginning of the civilized world, enlightened ones have taught that prosperity is a part of the natural process of life – that lavish abundance is the unquestionable nature of each individual. And through the centuries, countless men and women accepted this truth, realized the law of infinite plenty within, and moved above the illusion of lack into the reality of unlimited wealth. They proved for themselves that the energy of abundance is constantly radiating from the Source within and flowing out to appear as money and financial well-being.” What they have done, all yogis and sages teach, all can do!