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New York, NY 10003
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Question + Answer with Kristin Leal: MetaAnatomy Training


Beginning January 7th, Kristin Leal will lead MetaAnatomy Therapeutics Training at ISHTA Yoga. Here, Kristin answers some of our questions about the study of anatomy, and reminds us that we are more than the sum of our parts!


DIY Deodorant


When you’re hungry and there’s no time for grocery shopping, fussing with a recipe or spending hours over the stove, I turn to the Buddha Bowl. A Buddha Bowl is typically composed of whole grains, veggies (raw or steamed) and a simple dressing. I also like to add in a plant-based protein.


Question + Answer with Kara V. Sekuler: Marma Therapy


On January 3 and 4, Alan Finger and Kara V. Sekuler will lead ISHTA Marma Therapy Course Level 1. Here, Kara answers some of our questions about the practice of marma therapy and what to expect from the weekend of training.


Get to know ISHTA: Esther Palmer

Esther Palmer Headshot

Get to know our ISHTA Teachers and Staff in a Q+A featuring the people that bring ISHTA to life. This week, get to know Esther Palmer!


Question + Answer with Mona Anand and Gina Menza

Restorative Yoga Training

January 16-18, Mona Anand and Gina Menza will lead Restorative Training Level 1 with Yoga Nidra and Essential Oils. Here, they answers some of our questions about the practice of restorative yoga and how it has shaped their own paths.


Chocolate Peppermint Bites

Chocolate Peppermint Bites

It’s the holidays, and that means we’re all in cookie mode! Cookies have become so synonymous with this time of year, it’s as if we automatically morph into big blue monsters. “Me want cookie!” (At least I do.)


Question + Answer with Aino Siren: Dance Your Yoga


This week, Aino Siren will lead a workshop called Dance Your Yoga. Here, she answers some of our questions about dance-inspired yoga and her own yoga journey.


ISHTA Tantra Yoga Sutras: Exquisite as a Diamond

Dancer Pose

A weekly post introducing the forthcoming book The Yoga Sutras Through a Tantric Lens by Kavi Yogiraj Alan Finger and Yogiraj Wendy Newton. This blog post, written by Wendy Newton, is based on Alan Finger’s insight and years of work on the Yoga Sutras and highlights Alan’s phenomenal photography.


Magnificent Jupiter in Retrograde

Vedic Astrology 10

This month, magnificent Jupiter is set to go stationary retrograde at 28 degrees of Cancer from December 8, 2014 – April 8, 2015. This will render the areas of life (houses) that Jupiter rules in our chart a bit more difficult to manifest or access. Retrograde periods are in general a good time to traverse our inner landscape. Since Jupiter goes retrograde for four months, we certainly have ample time to look within as we continue the outward journey.


Why I Am An Energy Healer


I live and work in an environment where energy healing is common. Yet a question that often comes to me is: why did you become an energy healer? I cannot address this question without digging a little into my personal history.