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Get to know ISHTA: Laura Butler

Laura Butler

Get to know our ISHTA Teachers & Staff in a new weekly Q&A featuring the people that bring ISHTA to life.

Laura Butler is an E-RYT 500-Hour yoga, meditation, restorative yoga, and pre-natal yoga teacher. She started studying yoga in 2000, taking Vinyasa flow classes in Columbus, Ohio. She began teaching in 2007, and received


The Navagrahas or Nine Planets in Vedic Astrology

Planetary Rulers

In Vedic astrology there are nine planets that are placed within the twelve houses of our Vedic birth chart to create our own personal karma. The Vedic birth chart is a a map or blueprint of the karma or actions that we are likely to take in this lifetime as well as situations that will arise both positive and negative based on the culmination of karma or actions from past lives.


Meditation with Alan Finger: Bija Mantras to Balance the Chakras

Chakra Balancing

The sounds that we use are called bija mantras, and they affect the very chakras of a human being. The chakras are the headquarters of the elements that we are made of: earth, water, fire, air, and space. If you can grasp that each element governs a sense organ, an area of your body, and a gland in your endocrine system, you’ll understand that our whole make-up is really governed by the chakras.


Question & Answer with Jean Koerner: Teaching at the Wall

Jean Koerner

This fall and winter, Yogiraj Jean Koerner will be offering a workshop series at ISHTA called Advanced Teaching 108 Yoga Poses At the Wall with Hands on Assistance: A group private series for teachers of yoga and curious students. Here, she answers some of our questions about teaching at the wall and discusses why this series would be beneficial to yoga teachers and other curious students.


ISHTA Cooks: Roasted Root Vegetables

Roasted Root Veggies

Today is a root vegetable kind of day. As I sat down to work, to write this blog and to get things done, I found myself usually distracted. It’s been a tough, stressful week and, well, anxieties are running high. When “life” happens, our bodies tend to crave comfort foods: pasta, fries, chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s. While these foods might momentarily give us a boost (because they just taste so darn good) you’ll probably find that you actually end up feeling even more sluggish, bloated or moody. That’s because these foods contain a very limited nutritional value. I mean, how can expect your body to run efficiently on a Snickers bar, especially when you’re already maxed and taxed?


Stop. Breathe. Harmony.

Harmony Essential Oil

Today I was reminded about the importance of taking a moment, breathing and connecting to self. I feel like I’ve been running for the past 11 months (since the moment my son was born), I had the opportunity to pause today and I chose to anoint myself, not for any physical or necessary health reason, but rather to use the oils to reconnect to myself. And it was transformative!


Sarah Platt-Finger Spotlighted on Sivana Spirit

Sivana Nation

Our very own Sarah Platt-Finger has been featured in the Yogi Spotlight over on Savana Spirit’s website! In the interview, she discusses how she came to practice yoga, her goals for herself and ISHTA, why she became a yoga instructor, what inspires her, and more. Here is a sneak peak:


Introduction to the Gong Bath

Earth Gong Bath

The concept and practice of sound healing – the use of sonic vibration to effect a positive change in the mind and body – is experiencing a tremendous surge in popularity across the alternative medical, spiritual, and metaphysical communities. Once relegated to esoteric spiritual practitioners and renegade musicians, instruments like Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, and


ISHTA Cooks: Jeweled Quinoa Salad

Jeweled Quinoa Salad

You never forget your first…recipe, that is. I created this Jeweled Quinoa Salad for my first cooking demo. At the time I was living in London and teamed up with my friend to put on a yoga + food event.


Mastering Transitions and Flow

Aino Siren

When I think of Transitions and Flow in an asana practice, I think of it moving from A to B, from B to C, and depending on the sequence you go from C to B and back to A, etc. In between all the letters there is a whole world, I want to make the transition just as important as A or B by themselves. Just like in meditation to find the space between two breaths is the space between thoughts, find the space between two poses and you are presented with another dimension to your asana practice.