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Mudra and Kriya


How to Free the Breath and Open the Body

One of the things that makes ISHTA so unique is its attention to the subtle body and how it governs so much of our life. We tend to think of our existence as limited to our physical body but the real power of yoga comes


The Yoga of Making Decisions


How to Choose Your Own Reality

We make decisions every day, all day long: in our jobs, with family, with our relationships, about our food, about what we want to wear. Our entire reality is based upon the decisions we make on a daily basis. What we forget to realize, though, is that we


Springtime Light + Transformation

Cherry Blossoms 2

As we begin to shift from winter to spring (it has to happen eventually, right?), the certainty of change is becoming clearer and clearer here at ISHTA. Ayurvedically speaking, we move from kapha season to pitta season in the springtime. We gradually shed the protective armor of late winter in order to experience the blossoming and rebirth that spring offers us.


Why + How: ISHTA Diksha

Alan Finger Padmasana

Meditation is the practice of effortlessly concentrating on one point for an extended period of time. It is the gateway to inspiration, intuition, insight, and well-being. ISHTA Diksha is the most common way to practice meditation in the ISHTA lineage, and is the foundation for other meditation techniques.


Satya: TRUTH-full-ness


It is no secret that I love to steep my mind in yoga philosophy like tea leaves in hot water. Generally a good and positive practice, it is definitely possible to over-steep and get lost in the language, rather than the substance, of ideas. So to open up my creative process, I started making some cross-connections between the language of the Sutras and contemporary psychology. Surfing the internet (a dangerous habit), I came across an article on “ego states” that described an experiment in which researchers put specialized goggles on a group of kittens so that they could only see a slice of the horizontal plane.


Alan and Sarah on BlogTalkRadio

Alan and Sarah Finger

Alan & Sarah joined Jeff Bogart for a full hour of yoga talk on BlogTalkRadio! In the interview they discuss their perspectives on yoga, answer questions from listeners, and more. Check it out here:

Miraculous Unbound Potential


As we move from 2013 to 2014, I am called to share the story of the arrival of Alan’s grandchildren, Ivy Alexa and Della Rose. Weighing less than 3 pounds collectively, these twins have been through quite an ordeal in the last six weeks. The day after Thanksgiving, after only 23 weeks in the womb,


Take a Holiday Breather

Sarah Finger Tree Pose

The holiday season often brings with it a range of emotions: joy, gratitude, nostalgia, sadness, irritability, and frustration. Simultaneously we are expected to be social and festive, while focusing on tying up loose ends for the close of the year. With so many pressures and expectations, it is easy to feel lost, unmotivated, or anxious


Got a Case of the Vatas?

Sarah - Vira 3

Feeling a bit ungrounded lately? Maybe your thoughts are racing at a hundred miles an hour and you can’t seem to figure out where they begin or end? Had one too many of those moments where you left your keys, wallet, or MetroCard at home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, fear


Aligning from the Subtle Body Workshop with Alan and Sarah Finger at Yoga Union

Alignment Week 2013

Join Alan and Sarah Finger at Alignment Week at Yoga Union! The stellar group of teachers participating in Alignment Week will lead an exploration of the varied foundations from which we can align–the subtle body, the organs, the bones and muscles, the breath and beyond.