Manifesting the Chakras

Vetruvian ChakrasAs a result of The Big Bang, out of nothing came literally everything. There was a force powerful enough to manifest the entire universe. This same inexplicable force is governing everything right now – the birth of every human, every creature, every planet. It’s something bigger than us that keeps the universe in balance. In the ISHTA lineage, we often refer to it as universal intelligence. Along with karma, it is responsible for evolution in the grandest sense of the word.

Universal intelligence creates atman, or individual spirit. Think of atman as one solitary drop of water extracted from the sea of unbound intelligence. The droplet moves through its own journey, from cloud, to rainstorm, to river. But no matter where the drop has been, it always returns back to the all-encompassing sea.

This grand force is also responsible for physical manifestation, using the mahabhutas, the five elements, as its building blocks: space, air, fire, water and earth. First, there must be space to hold everything. Second, gases fill the space. Then, there is fire: heat and light. Next comes condensation, and finally the solidity of earth. These five elements make up the whole world, the entire universe. Our human bodies are made of these very same elements!

We don’t get life with these elements alone, however. The missing ingredient is prana. Prana is the electricity in the atmosphere; it’s the subtle pulse that enlivens us all. When karma sparks the coalescence of prana with the elements, breath and life begin. Put simply, karma motivates the spirit.

Each of the elements has a specific headquarters in your body: the five lower chakras. Your individual karma (what you need to do within this life) is fed into your chakras, giving each a distinctive fingerprint. When the chakras are unbalanced, karma becomes aggravated and disturbed – it’s harder to work through. If we can learn to balance the chakras and keep them in homeostasis, karma will work through us more gracefully.

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