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Class Descriptions


All Level
Welcoming to a wide range of students and levels, but not recommended for absolute beginners. These well-rounded classes encourage you to individualize your practice by establishing your own degree of intensity.

Classes include basic postures with the option to go deeper. Poses are held for a moderate length of time to create awareness in mind and body. Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation are introduced. Appropriate for those who have done yoga before.

Chair Yoga (Semi-Private Class)
If you have injuries that keep you from taking yoga class or are at an age where you think yoga might be too strenuous for you – this is your class! With a gentle yet challenging approach, we will be doing yoga poses adapted to sitting in a chair or using the chair in standing poses. About 75% of the class will be done sitting, 25% standing and we will finish up with a delicious Yoga Nidra. This semi-private class is held at our uptown studio and is $25 per session.

Community (Open)
Offered at a discounted rate of $10 per class. These yoga classes welcome a wide range of students and levels. Modifications are offered for beginners while challenging variations are available for advanced students.

Core Flow (Intermediate)
Focus on strengthening and stretching the core in this engaging class. Look forward to strong asana, pranayama, meditation, and rhythmic music.

Exhale to Inhale
This class is open to female survivors of domestic violence. Taught by an Exhale to Inhale teacher, who specializes in trauma sensitive yoga, this class creates a safe space in which women can breathe and connect. Through yoga, students are taught how to ground themselves in their bodies and reconnect with their strength, helping them on their path to restoring their self-esteem and reclaiming their lives.

Hour of Power (Int/Adv)
Vigorous, flowing classes that connect breath with movement. Hour of Power offers a challenging workout for building strength, flexibility, endurance, and body awareness. Energize, focus, and gain confidence to move through life with clarity. Prior yoga experience is encouraged.

These classes blend more challenging postures with a deeper exploration of pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. Recommended for those who have a solid yoga practice.

The most challenging level on our schedule, Int/Adv classes require a solid and ongoing yoga practice. Move deeper into all aspects of your yoga by exploring more advanced postures, as well as pranayama and meditation techniques. Designed for those who wish to challenge themselves both physically and mentally.

Intermediate/Advanced Vinyasa with Marco Rojas
This dynamic and powerful class, inspired by the Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga traditions, explores the realms of vinyasa flow with attention to alignment and investigation of poses. The class includes several standing poses to build heat and strength after a solid preparation of the body with sun salutations. Ujjayi breath is encouraged to heighten awareness in the flow from one posture to the next, maintaining the nourishing flow of prana.

Intermediate/Slow Flow with Marco Rojas
Embark on a new journey influenced by the Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions. Delve deeper into your practice by investigating the fundamentals of Royal Yoga, the inward practices.  Postures are taught at a slower pace but still allow for an empowering and strengthening experience.

ISHTA Basics
Our beginner level classes that teach the foundations of ISHTA Yoga. These classes introduce a well-rounded sequence of yoga poses designed to strengthen muscles that are weak and stretch muscles that are tight. With an emphasis on breath and healthy alignment, these classes are perfect for newcomers to yoga.

ISHTA Meditation (Open)
These signature ISHTA classes are led by Yogiraj (Yoga Master) Alan Finger and Senior ISHTA Teachers. Pre-and post-meditative asanas are used to prepare and restore the body, while the ancient tools of pranayama, visualization, and mantra are used to still the mind. These classes will leave you feeling centered and more in tune with your true self.

ISHTA Yin Yoga (Community)
Yin Yoga is a practice of slow, long-held, seated or supine asanas that target the fascia in the body in order to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility. In ISHTA Yin, attention is given to the individual’s unique range and anatomy in order for the practitioner to meet his or her own edge. Space is left for one to experience inner-calm, balance, and self-reflection.

Move & Meditate (Open)
This open level asana class welcomes students of all levels and is specially sequenced to focus on a longer meditation at the end of class. It is a well-rounded class combining vinyasa and alignment, and encourages you to establish your own degree of intensity. Deepen your practice of the transformative ISHTA techniques of pranayama and kriya techniques, and leave feeling open, centered, and in tune with your true self. Appropriate for all yogis.

Yoga Nidra (Open)
Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that is usually practiced in savasana. It can be used to deeply relax, to fall asleep, to replace sleep, or to release what lies in the subconscious or the unconscious.

These classes give mothers-to-be tools they can use before, during, and after childbirth. Students strengthen and tone the whole body, targeting areas specific to pregnancy such as the pelvic floor, abdominals, and lower back. Yogic breathing (pranayama) also increases awareness of the breath and reduces stress in the body.

Restorative (Open)
Gentle, healing classes designed to release deep layers of tension stored in the physical and energetic body. A combination of props, essential oils, and hands on adjustments are used in poses held for 10 minutes or longer, allowing the nervous system to relax and cells to regenerate. Great for those recovering from illness or disease.

Semi-Private Lessons (Uptown only)
Semi-Privates are an opportunity for you to study with an ISHTA Teacher who has recently graduated from our 300-hour Teacher Training Program for only $25 per class. You get to select what you’d like to work on for the hour and get personalized feedback from these amazing teachers! No more than 3 couples are paired in the room at once to guarantee a setting that is both intimate and safe. Traditionally, yoga was only taught directly from teacher (guru) to student (sishya) as a transmission of knowledge. Semi-Privates are an opportunity for you to experience this tradition authentically. Pre-registration is required. This offer is not included as part of your class package. To pre-register, email Donald Johnston at  Registration must be made at least 48 hours before the desired class.

Sweat & Samadhi Soundbath featuring live music by Aya and Tyler (Open)
Designed by Yogairaj Sarah Platt-Finger and accompanied by Aya and Tyler’s live music, this luxurious practice begins with an intelligent asana flow to help burn out the impurities trapped in the physical body. A series of relaxing restorative postures follow in order to calm the nervous system, sealed by a brief meditation to quiet the mind. Experience outer and inner resonance as a means to lead you back to your source of pure potential – Samadhi – which is the true state of yoga.

Yin. Restore. Meditate.
Yin. Restore. Meditate. is a new and uniquely designed practice for beginner to advanced students to learn to surrender and simply be. With supported Yin and Restorative Yoga postures interlaced with a gentle flow, hands on adjustments, music, and aromatherapy—each student will be guided to release deeply embedded fascia tensions and to surrender. Each sequence will lead you to experience Pratyahara (sense withdrawal) and end with a meditation to access a sense of balance and clarity.