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ISHTA Yoga Downtown
56 East 11th Street
(between University & Broadway)
New York, NY 10003
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ISHTA Yoga Upper East Side
1026 3rd Avenue
(between 60th and 61st Street)
New York, NY 10065
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“ISHTA yoga is an oasis in the midst of a big city. Union Square is nowhere near home, nor work, however I go out of my way to practice yoga there. The teachers are all sincere, kind and have an obvious passion for what they do. Every time I go to ISHTA I feel like I have found a little piece of heaven on earth! Thank you to ISHTA and all its wonderful teachers.”

“Love them. If you like to ‘practice’ yoga, rather than ‘perform’ yoga this place for you… Their teachers are wonderful.”

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“ISHTA is a life changing environment and practice. The philosophy of ISHTA focuses on the individual’s constitution. The teachers are incredibly well trained and humble, often time sharing their current experience as students of yoga with their classes. Classes range from gentle and restorative to active and challenging, what I appreciate most is that ISHTA teaches different postures and sequences with changing seasons and times of day… A gem for anyone seeking to grow and an oasis for those who need respite.” (read full review here)

“I have been practicing yoga for 6 years now, and I have found my perfect studio! The space and energy are gorgeous! The teachers are fabtastic! I love all the hands-on assistance. It has developed my practice to a new level.”

“This place is amazing!!! I tried ISHTA on on a Google offer, and I am HOOKED.”  (read full review here)

“I have been practicing yoga for well over 15 years and am delighted to have found Ishta Yoga. My practice, knowledge of my body and mind have deepened and improved and I am consistently met with smiles and encouragement by every one of the knowledgeable and friendly staff. My frequent visits to the various classes at Ishta are regular and important parts of my week. I have been a monthly member for 5 months and intend to continue.”

Teacher Training

“It’s not just the incredibly knowledgeable and experienced teachers that made it a no-brainer for me to choose ISHTA for my teacher training, it’s the intimate environment there, the feeling that you are part of a community, and an approach to yoga that recognizes every student has their own needs and wants. ISHTA doesn’t simplify the teaching process in its training, it illuminates its complexities. Everyday I walked out of studio having learned yet another invaluable lesson. It’s an experience not to be missed.”

“My experience at ISHTA exceeded all my expectations…It is a true lineage in our modern world that embraces the essentials  - asana, pranayama, and meditation. ISHTA has given me so many tools, as well as the wisdom to teach these practices and to live a more fully expansive life. I am deeply grateful to have discovered such a gem in New York City.”

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“I loved the experience and would highly recommend this program to others. All the teachers were warm, lovely, and supportive, and put a lot of energy into the classes, which is appreciated. This course provides a great foundation for deepening your own yoga practice and understanding more about yoga philosophy. Thank you!”

“I recently completed the 200-Hour teacher training program at ISHTA and can say without hesitation that this experience has changed my life! The program offers endless inspiration to your spiritual journey in addition to the more technical and physical practice of yoga. I have never felt better – physically or mentally. The content was interesting and useful, the teachers were well-qualified, passionate, and accommodating, and the studio offers a welcome learning environment…this is the best program out there.”

“ISHTA Yoga’s comprehensive teacher training is far more than instruction on sequencing and alignment. The breadth and depth of study, the talented instructors, the communityof the studio, and the unique chance to study Tantric and Ayurvedic theory make the ISHTA teacher training valuable for any practitioner, whether they plan to teach or not. It completely changes one’s yoga.”

“The training was unbelievably comprehensive, intelligent and inspiring… From the information on asana (postures and flow), to the philosophy, pranayama, and meditation techniques, ISHTA was able to present a wealth of knowledge inherent to the yoga traditions and the ISHTA lineage in a unique and incredibly thorough way. I leave the program feeling excited and encouraged about continuing on what will surely be a lifelong study and endeavor.”

“Thank you for putting together an amazing, life-changing teacher training. The program is comprehensive, challenging, expansive, and utterly compassionate.”


“ISHTA’s workshops are thoughtfully curated and wide-ranging. Each and every workshop I’ve attended has given me tools to use in my own practice. Inspiring!”

“I love to take ISHTA workshops as a refresher on topics I already know. I always come out learning all kinds of things! Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective or another set of eyes and ears to give new life to your teaching.”

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“ISHTA’s workshops are really like mini-teacher-trainings. The talented instructors they bring in are so inspiring and gifted!”

“I love the wide range of topics covered in the ISHTA workshops. Some topics I have never heard of before I saw them listed on the website. If it weren’t for the workshops, I don’t think I would have ever learned so much about Ayurveda, Reiki, Anatomy, Tantra, Aromatherapy… I could go on and on!”


“I’ve been meaning to send you and Alan a personal email to say thank you so very much for the beautiful retreat! I loved your classes. They were truly sattvic and just what we needed.”

“The ISHTA retreat was so blissful! Daily meditation, restorative yoga, gorgeous accommodations, delicious food, the sound of ocean waves, the warmth of sunshine, and the most amazing company — what more could you ask for?”

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“Thank you all for an unforgettable trip.”

“Yoga retreats should be prescribed for everyone! I feel so great!”


“Manjula’s Ayurvedic consultation really hit the nail on the head. The herbs and at-home treatments she suggested have helped me find so much more calm in my life.”

“During teacher training, my hip began to feel tight, and no amount of stretching seemed to alleviate my discomfort. I finally went to get Marma points for the first time, and I was shocked at the result. After just one Marma session, I had no pain in my hip at all — it felt as if there was never an issue to begin with! It has been two weeks and I am still pain-free. I am a definitely Marma believer!”

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“Meeting with Manjula Paul for an Ayurvedic consultation is life-changing. Not only does she treat you as a daughter/son but she educates you about the science of Ayurveda. It is a holistic approach to better your life.”

“Marma points were an integral part of my prenatal care. When your body is changing and your energy is shifting all over the place, Marma can help release deep tension and make you more comfortable. I highly recommend Marma to all my pregnant friends (and non-pregnant friends as well!)”

“You know, marma therapy isn’t the most soothing of treatments while it’s happening. But WOW, does it work.”