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Alan's Mantras for Meditation

Alan FingerChakras
Many students have requested Alan’s Mantras from his Meditation classes. They are included below and should be used to ground you after you complete your 18 minute seated ISHTA Meditation.

OM Nama Shivaya in front of midbrain/eyes to connect to universal consciousness

OM Aim Saraswatye Namah(a) in front of throat to translate wisdom into our lives

OM Ram Ram Ram Ramaya Namah(a) in front of thymus gland to strengthen the immune system

OM Namo Narayanaya in front of the heart to radiate love

OM Hrit Hram Svaha in front of the solar plexus to bring viveka/discernment into our lives

OM Namo Bahagavate Vasudevaya in front of the navel to sustain energy, balance, and protect

OM Dum Dum Dum Durgaye Namah(a) in front of svadisthana chakra to protect and bring the ability to slice through life

OM Lakshmi Vam Sri Kamaladaram Namah(a) in front of muladhara chakra to bring abundance

OM Gam Gam Gam Ganapatye Namah(a) into the legs to help overcome obstacles